Welcome to Premiere Surf Lessons Pererenan, Bali.

If warm water and tropical clima mean paradise for you, we have it all including world class waves.  We offer the very best in services with our highly experienced surfer instructors. We take you to the gratest waves in Paradise and leave you with uforgetable memories with a bunch of friendly and fun coaches.


Premiere Surf Camp is located in the heart of surfing territory, just 40 minutes from Kuta airport and a short stroll to  word class breaks!


Included in the lessons is in-depth theory on the beach, comprehensive safety, surf etiquette and security info for all surfers so that your Premiere Surf Camp experiences’ is 100% enjoyment.


Surf insrtuctors will take you to the very best surf spots depending on your sufing ability and the daily surfing conditions.


We hope to see you in Pererenan Bali to experience the trill and excitement of

 surfing in Paradise!!

Advanced Surf Lessons
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